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Pattern Matching Algorithm

How can we use algorithms to track animals non-invasively?

Researchers use pattern-matching algorithms to match an animal’s markings to previous data, most commonly using an algorithm originally designed to match stars and identify constellations for astronomers: Groth’s Algorithm.

Program: Python



A logic-based, combination number placement puzzle. The rule is to fill a 9 x 9 grid with digits and no repeat numbers. The rows, columns, and diagonals of the grid have to be contain all of the digits form 1 from 9.

There are two version of the game – one is in GUI interface, and another is in a text form. Implemented a back-tacking algorithms for the game.

Program: Python 

Adventure Game

Remember those old days of browser-based Dungeons and Dragons? Employing object-oriented principles, I created a text-based adventure game that had various puzzles and monsters that the user encountered!

Program: Python

Easy Animation

This application was a part of our object-oriented programming course and focused on creating an animator that had multiple views which rendered the animation in either a textual or visual format. My partner and I also included customizable options which allowed the user to manipulate the speed, start/stop point, and other aspects of the animation.

Program: Java


This was the sixth assignment in CS5004 – Object Oriented Design at Northeastern University. Students were to create the classic Marble Solitaire game, and implement full functionality. Later – tenth assignment, students added different game board, such as Triangular Marble Solitaire, and European Marble Solitaire.

Program: Java



 Due to academic regulations, Northeastern requests that we do not keep the code to our assignments public. Contact me directly if you would like to see the code!

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