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Contact Tracer Application

In a time of high stress from the current global pandemic, the last thing on the individual’s mind is to look for resources related to COVID-19. Therefore, we created the Northeastern COVID-19 tracing app for students on campus.


It is one of many solution to improve the safety precaution and healthy environment for students and staffs on campus. As the number COVID-19 cases increase daily, the tracing application will be a tool that can navigate students to the resources that they need.

Tools: Balsamiq, Axure RP, Figma
Bag of Fruits

Through existing studies, there is a need to identify the key factors that promote behavior change in food waste more sustainable through technology intervention with the help of Human-Computer Interaction and Interaction Design concepts and principles. This study implements a user interface evaluation through multiple interactive interfaces through the lenses of Psychological and Social Theory of HCI – Persuasive Design Framework.

Organic Compost

Zero Waste Food Tracker

Tool: Sketch

Are You Always Listening to me?


When Smart Home first made public availability, it was a dream for homeowners to have the cut edge technology gear inside their home. Unfortunately, though, that dream has come short for them and is not a dream any longer.

This research project will investigate scholarly journals, case studies, and data experiments on topics such as Security in respect to Smart homes, areas of Security & privacy vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the data experiment will focus on Amazon Alexa Sidewalk and consumer opinion on the "on the default" feature.

Smart Gadgets

Cambodian American Students: Resources and Financial Needs

The research project seeks to examine the disadvantage of Asian American and Pacific Islander student in achievement gap – especially for the Cambodian American students, the negative impact of the model minority, representation of Southeast American students in higher education institutions, and their eligibility to attend post-secondary education.

Graduation Hat Throw
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