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About Me

My name is Soumeng Chea, and I am an aspiring Boston-based Software Engineer, Mobile App. Engineer (Android), Data Science, and Product/Project Management. Now, you wonder why I decided to pursue a Computer Science career instead of going for any other social science graduate program. Well, I see computer science education as the art of thinking about problems using logic, pattern recognition, and sub-division into smaller issues. The knowledge would allow me to write software programs that make computers to accomplish tasks more efficiently. I believe a computer science degree's versatility will allow me to use my social science problem-solving skills to deal with obstacles from a different perspective.


My interest in computer science comes from my view of the discipline as a challenging and creative topic. I am eager to study the technological foundation of software engineering and the idea of interaction between computers and the user resemblance of human-to-human, open-ended dialogue.

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